Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gem Dress

I knew Milly would love the Gem dress when I saw it and I was right! She chose some voile we found in the huge clean out last week. I think I bought it at Spotlight a few years ago. I made a size 8 so it will fit next summer as well.
The only problem I had with the dress was the printing out of the pages and I am still not sure I have done it right. I think the problem is the difference between paper sizes between the US and here. A4 is slightly narrower and I think the pattern went to the end of the paper so some of it didn't print and there was a bit of guess work involved.
Lucky there is a lot of elastic in this pattern so if I made the pieces too big then I pulled them in to fit. The only thing that needed altering was the shoulder strap. I did make it a lot shorter, but as you can see it is falling off her shoulder and will need shortening again.
Milly loves it and the other two have requested one for next summer.

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Anonymous said...

What a groovy dress. Lovely.