Monday, December 10, 2012

Tiramisu Dress

Just reposting this as I seemed to have accidentally deleted it.
As soon as saw the Tiramisu dress by Steph was available for pre-order I ordered it and as soon as it arrived I traced it and started sewing. I finished it yesterday and guess what I wore today?
I love this style of dress and own quite a few similar patterns. This one is different to the others I own in that the skirt is cut on the bias and is quite full and it has kimono sleeves.
I thought I would make a muslin out of cheapish black synthetic jersey from Spotlight. This fabric is very stretchy in all directions. Sorry about the headless pictures but I am long overdue for a haircut and colour (a friend asked me what was happening with my zebra hair it's that bad).

I traced a copy of the pattern according to my measurements and sewed. I really should have tried it as a sewed, but sometimes I find it easier to sew the entire thing and then see where changes should be made. When I first tried it on it was really huge in the top and band. I think this was due to the very stretchy fabric I used. I left it for a bit and then had another look at it and with a bit of pinning I worked out how to make it wearable.
I think the big problem I have with it is more a problem I have with my current shape less than three months after giving birth. I am definitely an apple shape and the band was just accentuating my stomach. So I cut off the side seams (about 3/4" at each side) and cut the top front and back from the band (so 1/2" from the top and bottom pieces and from the top of each band) then I cut off 2 more inches from the top of the band, I just prefer a smaller band on me. Then I sewed it all together with a bigger side seam where I needed it and now I have a very wearable muslin.
 The band now sits under my bust, when I make another one I might make it a little longer, I might have taken too much height off. It is hard to see where it sits in black fabric so to make it a bit clearer.
The only other change was to take two inches off the length.
If I was making this with a less stretchy fabric I would definitely make it according to my measurements and the original pattern I cut out and try it on a lot more as I went.

I love this dress, it is so comfortable. I love the arms- perfect for those of us with bigger upper arms and I love the full skirt and it is perfect for breastfeeding in.

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The Lemming King said...

Your wearable muslin is awesome:)! I really like the thinner band.