Friday, December 21, 2012

Enormous Hippos

I received the best email yesterday from Sarah who had used my hippo pattern to make enormous hippos for her son's kindergarten class. They sang "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" for their holiday assembly and it is now living in their classroom. I love it! I think they are the best hippos I have ever seen. I really want to make an enormous hippo for the girls (ok they might be my excuse, I really want one for myself).
Sarah said she enlarged the pattern 300%. She said the only problem was that she had to tuck the neck a bit to make it fit. I had this problem when I was trying to make one out of  wool or corduroy once. If you find you have this problem at all the best way to fix it is to place the head inside the body and if one is bigger then the other just sew a couple of seams a little bigger and then try it again until they fit perfectly and then sew them together.
Thanks for sharing Sarah!


Chrissy said...

Oh WOW, they are amazing. Isn't it incredible where people can take a starting idea? I love watching a single idea snowball into something completely different.

Judith said...

And that is exactly what sewing/crafting is all about - sharing and adapting patterns, adding your own personal touches, and being creative to suit your needs!
How lovely for you that your Hippo pattern helped out not only Sarah, but her whole class to end their school year with such fun...J

Anonymous said...

They look awesome, must be nice to see your creations made by others :)

Naturally Carol said...

Fabulously huge hippos! They are so much more exciting than some of those bought cushiony things around now. I love the playsuit you've made Olive too, it's a really good pattern and looks brilliant on her. Merry Christmas Kate! Oh, and btw I love your new look blog!

Unknown said...

Your link to the hippo pattern isnt working. could you post another one?