Monday, October 08, 2012

Eggs and Pavlova

We have been looking after a few people's chickens while they have been on holidays and we have a lot of eggs. Lots and lots. We have given them away to everyone we can think of, I have cooked a lot, I made fritatta which used 9, but still our fridge is full of them.
Yesterday I thought I would try a pavlova. I have never made one before as they always looked a little tricky. They have to be beaten just right, the oven temperature has to be right, and then there is the small problem I have with following recipes. I really do prefer to read them and then just kind of do my own thing. So I tried hard and followed the recipe exactly.
 And this is what happened. The yummiest pavlova. I wish I had of taken a picture of the inside, it was perfect.
 I am not known for my food presentation, but trust me this was good.
So now I have made a great pavlova I may never make another, I don't think I could make another one like it.


Kris said...

I'm sure you could make another. I had always heard that they were hard to make and even I have made really lovely ones. (cooking is not my specialty) Yours looks delcious!

Lisa said...

Love it! You know the very first pavlova was still the best one I think I ever made.

Sue said...

Wow, your pavlova looks great. I've made dozens over the years/decades and they are not really hard to make. I've never had anyone say "Yuk, no more for me" and I'm not much of a cook, thats for sure.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother used to make a beautiful pavlova. After she passed away we found lots of used 'pavlova eggs' product. So I only use them now. But when we have an excess of eggs I might get up the courage give it a try making one from scratch!!!

Brenda said...

Oh, it looks so delicious and you did a beautiful job making it.