Monday, June 18, 2012

Cross Blocks

I pulled out all my blocks from the Around the Block quilting bee a few months ago and was overwhelmed. I had no idea how I would put them together and no idea what I wanted the quilt for when I finished. So I put it all away. I found it again when I was cleaning my fabric on the weekend and thought I would try again. I decided to not overthink it. Just lay it out and start putting it together.
 I realised I would need a few more blocks. So I grabbed scraps and started sewing, not worrying about sizes.
 I lay them all out again.
 Swapped a few things around.
 Used more scraps to make long scraps to join everything together.
And now I nearly have a finished top. Just a couple of things to fix and I should have pictures tomorrow.


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I'm still working on my around the block from the bee before!