Friday, January 20, 2012

Machine Sewn Binding

I have been wanting to try machine sewn binding for a while and Rita at Red Pepper Quilts has a great tutorial. I thought I would try it on this little quilt I made last year that was in Fat Quarterly issue 5. It has been folded up ever since waiting to be quilted and bound. After trying to machine bind the first side and unpicking it 3 times I nearly gave up, but I am glad I didn't - it all of a sudden came together and the quilt was bound in no time.
It is by no means perfect (see the picture below), but with practise I know I can get better at it. The thing is I actually enjoy hand sewing the binding. I find it quite relaxing and it is a good excuse to sit down and watch something on tv and I love the way hand sewn binding looks. On the other hand I do love how much time can be saved by machine sewing so I am glad I had a go and have a new quilting skill.
I have quilted my Made in Cherry and I think I will have a go at machine sewing the binding on that.


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty good! I'm too scared to try machine binding too. Might check that tutorial out.

Sara said...

I machine bind my quilts but I cheat by making my binding strips a half inch wider than neccesary so that there's a quarter inch of overhang past where I've sewn from the top. Then I flip it over and re-sew it neatly from the back. It means there's a second line of quilting a quarter inch from the binding on the top, but since I usually straight line quilt anyway, it blends in fine. It makes for a wider binding on the back, but I like that too.

Brenda said...

Your quilts are beautiful!

Craft to Do said...

Hi Kate,
Oh yes machine sewing the binding is thr only way to go. I do it all the time (with very big frowns from the old ducks in my craft group) Especialy if the quilts will be washed alot.
Went & had a look at your tut, the only thing mum taught me to do differently, is sew the binding to the backside of the quilt. Then when you bring it to the front, pin it and sew the binding on the front. Then it doen't matter if you miss the binding on the backside. Give it a try.
Love your colours in this quilt.