Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Little Miss Greenjeans

I know two posts in a day, but I finally sewed the button (thanks to this tutorial I have overcome my fear of sewing buttons on handknits) on Amelia's cardigan and took some pictures.
The pattern is Little Miss Greenjeans. Yarn is Bendigo Rustic in Damson which has a different gauge than the pattern so it turned out a little big, but that is fine it is warming up here now so this will be great for next winter. More details on ravelry.


travellersyarn said...

I love it, and I'm sure that she will wear it heaps next year.

Melissa said...

It's great! It has been in my queue for a while, I think I may make it sooner rather than later after seeing your wonderful version.

Corrie said...

gorgeous, secretly I love when everything knits up bigger for the kids than expected so it lasts!!!!!!!!!

love the pattern and love the rustic, I use bendigo for almost every pattern I come across these days!