Sunday, July 29, 2007

A summary of the week

A busy week this week and Chris finished holidays so the girls have really missed him and I've missed having some help with the girls. So it has been a week of readjustment for us all. The girls are not really girly girls (thank goodness - I was always really worried about dealing with that) they are really happy with their trucks and blocks, occasionally they will play with their dolls - but it never lasts long and they are tossed over their shoulders. I did feel kind of bad about this at the start of the week and buy them some little fairy dresses. They are wearing them now while they play happily with their blocks.
We have had another week of rainy weather so I thought I'd try and watch a few DVDs while the girls are napping and I can sew or knit at the same time. I finally watched Little Miss Sunshine this week and loved it and Chris and I just watched the finale of Lost - aghhh - I can't wait until February for more.
Just off to make Chilli Beef Ramen from the Wagamama cook book for dinner and finally more elephants and curly hair dolls - which will be in the shop soon.


Di said...

I must get the Wagamama cook book - I love their noodles!! The elephant and the doll are great! I love the little felt cheeks!

Anonymous said...

I loved "Little Miss Sunshine" too, must hire it again for a laugh. My twin and I loved out "boy" toys too, as well as our dolls. Boy toys are more fun. I remember one year I asked Santa for a racing car set and the next year a baby doll. Your girls are very normal.

joanne said...


sue said...

What a cute little red elephant, and I love the rosy cheeks too. Glad to hear that the girls like playing with trucks and blocks too. My son used to play with kitchen sets when he was little and loved it. Now he wants to cook all the time since doing it in high school, and is quite okay at it too.

amy said...

i love Wagamamas, but now that I no longer live in London I don't get to enjoy their food. I think I'm going to have to buy their book!