Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Magazines

The clean organised craft room is not so clean and organised today, but I'm going to try and clean it up once a day. The fab ironing board cover is from IKEA, I had to quickly grab it as when I'm with Chris in IKEA I can only go off the walking path to get what is exactly on my list. Next time I think I'll organise to go there by myself.
Some good magazine finds. Interweave Felt from Bilby Yarns and Marie Claire Idees from Amazon Japan.


de vliegende koe said...

Oh yes that’s so like my husband! Aren’t all men like that. They are so organized and don’t understand us wandering around all those shops. I sometimes go to Ikea all alone, and to be honest, I end up buying far more than when we shop together. Good initiative, cleaning your workspot once a day! I should do the same.

Di said...

Wow - will need to look out for the Interweave Felt!! I think I may have found a source for Marie Claire Idees - my friend moved to Basel in Switzerland and happen to mention cycling to France to buy her copy of Marie Claire - perhaps I can persuade her to buy one for me too!!