Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Frog Stitchery

I have been inspired by the work of Jean Ray Laury. My doll was inspired by her book on doll making and now I'm being inspired by her applique and stitcheries. I keep seeing the body of animals with stitching.
So last night I tried to make a new frog. If you are familiar with the children's books such as "That's not my train" "That's not my teddy" etc you will understand my thinking when I finished my frog and had a look. "That's not my frog. It's arms are too long". Underneath it is a frog body stitchery in progress. How could you resist some yarn from a place called Beaverslide?Some good things about today.
1. Being inside with a fire when it's cold and rainy.
2. Making it down town in between rain.
3. Going to the little local library and discovering it has amazing craft books.
4. Grace and Amelia not eating all the playdough at playgroup.

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