Thursday, November 24, 2016


We spend a week in London and could have easily spent longer. We were busy the whole time and there were things we still didn't get to see or do. 
I wasn't planning on going to Goldhawk Road, but then I realised it was only a couple of stops from where we were staying so I managed a quick visit. I didn't buy much as it was towards the start of the trip and I knew I would be dragging it around for weeks. I think I managed to have a quick look in most shops and know if I lived in London I would be there all the time. I think I saw every sort of fabric you could want. There were a couple of shops with very nice fabric with price tags to match, but most had quite good prices.
 I didn't have too long in the V&A but I loved what I saw and wished I could have had more time to wander by myself. The twins and I did see Undressed: a brief history of underwear, (I wish I could have taken pictures, but you weren't allowed to) it is not a huge exhibition, but it was fantastic and if you get a chance go and see it!
 I loved these 70s blouses in the Fashion Collection, I think I need to make some similar.
Shaukat was on my list of shops to visit. I have ordered online from there and I couldn't pass up the chance to see so much Liberty in the one place. I make most of Chris' shirts now so he was happy to come and choose some fabrics for himself.
It took us a long time to choose. We were lucky it was not busy so the girls could sit in the corner with an iPad. I had read about how the staff were not friendly so I expected the worst, but they were quite helpful.
The Tate Modern was amazing to wander around and they have the best shop full of amazing books and other things.

 Top: Liberty lawn from Shaukat
Bottom: Shirting fabrics from Goldhawk Road


Abby and Stephanie said...

I may have needed an extra suitcase! :o) Many treasures to be found.

colesworth said...

I missed Shaukat when I was there last year (chose Liberty instead, but didn't buy anything), mostly bought fabric on goldhawk rd and at shepherd's bush market. I had hoped to go the pie and eel shop for lunch (in your first pic) but they had closed the month before due to upcoming redevelopments - which still don't seem to have happened!!