Monday, October 27, 2014

Bloc Loc Rulers

I finally gave in a few weeks ago and ordered some Bloc Loc rulers. I have seen them on blogs, but not in real life and have only heard good things about them, but could they be as great as everyone says they are?
They are easy to use and work perfectly if you press your seams to the side or if you press them open.
 I have so many ideas for patterns that use half square triangles, but have never loved making them.
 I think these rulers might change that. At the very least it will make it easier and give me perfect half rectangle triangles.
So yes, these are just as great as everyone says they are!


Unknown said...

I purchased a 6" HST one at the Sydney Quilt Show and I've used it so much already just in my normal quilting adventures that it's more than paid for itself. I didn't see that they had done HRT's as well - I need one of those now too! ;) I have been thinking about getting one of their flying geese blocks because I seem to be doing so many of those blocks lately too. Maybe on the list for Santa...

Abby and Stephanie said...

I've heard only good things about these. Good to know they work regardless of how you press your seams. I'm especially interested in the half square rectangle. Hmmm...might be shopping soon. Thanks for the review.