Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Clothes for Olive

Olive needed some new shorts so I thought I'd make a new outfit for her.
I have made lots and lots of these Ottobre smocks over the years. I am not sick of making them yet.
 I thought these bloomers from Aesthetic Nest would go with the smock really well and also fit over the biggest cloth nappy.

 Olive seemed to love them. Perfect for roaming the garden hunting for the chickens.


Suzy said...

That is such a cute outfit, and gorgeous photo of Olive.

Stephanie said...

Adorable -- Olive and the outfit.

Brenda said...

Olive is so cute. The outfit you made her is adorable. I really like your new blog banner.

Sue said...

What a gorgeous outfit and Olive looks so pretty in it.

Jody Sanders said...

Too cute! I love the fabric, but even more it just fits her perfectly.

Sue Rostron said...

Very cute, both baby and her outfit.
By the way can we buy books from you now? Autographed?