Monday, July 15, 2013

Ombre Briar

I have seen so many lovely Briars around, it is the perfect pattern for an overshirt/sweater/jumper. I used some ombre stretch fabric I bought in Bali. It is a little bit slipperier than I would have preferred, but I really like the colour. It was in panels and I bought two. Unfortunately the pattern was longer than the panel so I decided to just pin and cut and not worry about the colour graduations. I was quite happy with how it ended up. The only bit I didn't like was the change of panel, and therefore line, at the lower back, so I cut the back off a bit shorter, but there is still a height difference between the front and back and it works well with skirts at this length. 
Now to find the perfect weight wool jersey that I know is in my stash to make another one.

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