Thursday, February 02, 2012

School and Sewing

The twins started year 2 yesterday in different classes and Eva is at her first morning of kindy this morning and, fingers crossed, everything seems to be going ok. So I have a few hours to myself. The downside to this is that everyone asks you "what will you do with all this free time?". Umm actually get some work done, maybe I won't be sewing at all hours of the night, those toy patterns I promise people in emails I will get around to writing, I may actually get around to writing them, and the ideas I jot down in notebooks maybe I will get to try some of them.
The first job today - a quilt that has been sitting half finished for well over a year and hopefully a little pattern writing.
My Wagon Wheels pattern is now up at the Fat Quarter Shop and also in my store.
In sewing news the New Look 6429 dress I made over a year ago has been worn and worn - it is perfect in really hot weather so I made another in a cotton black and white spot jersey.


Marina said...

So what will you be doing with all that spare time Kate? Ha, ha, just kidding - I got asked the same (and still do) when my littlest started preschool. The days still seem very short though!!

Lisa said...

Love that dress pattern. Good luck with all that "spare time"! I get asked if I enjoyed my "me time" when I go grocery shopping with just one child.

Suzanne Warren said...

How nice for you to have some "me" time and get things done! Love the dress you made too.

Jade@How to Sew said...

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Sally said...

Your sewing form is very nice and all... and I suppose with all the crew at school you're short a photographer... but I miss you in the shot too.