Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Liberty Necklaces

I have been spending a little bit (ok quite a bit) of time on Pinterest. Yesterday I thought I should go through some of the tutorials I have pinned and make something. I came across these necklaces and then discovered this bracelet tutorial last week. I used some Liberty fabric from my stash and cut the strips the width of the Liberty. Each necklace used 5 wooden beads and I just tucked the ends in and sewed them up so they could be tied at any length.

I also finished a block for Helen in the Around the Block quilting bee.


Unknown said...

What a lovely way to use up special fabric.

I have tried to join in pinterest but I am on a waiting list. I hate waiting!

HeavenLee Creations said...

HI Kate, these necklaces are great. I've made a few with chiffon scraps and they are nice too. Lv lee

Helen said...

I love my block Kate! Thank you!!