Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Week

I didn't mean to disappear for the week, but life had other plans.
We went to Perth again last weekend. I had tickets to the Pixies in Perth (yes I saw them twice in a week) which was great, brilliant - I'd see them again anytime.
Upmarket was fantastic, such a great market to do.
The only downside to the weekend was a car that conked out in Perth a few times and was a bit dodgy on the drive home, but luckily it was not too bad to fix and all is good now.
After that was fixed the computer had some issues - all revolving around Windows Vista. So after 8 months of putting up with the shittiness that is Vista I upgraded to Windows 7 and it was worth. Probably cheaper in the long run - I owe a lot of money to the swear jar because of Windows Vista.
While I had no computer I did a lot of quilting and getting organised for Stitches and Craft in Melbourne.

In other random news from the week.
There is nothing so disturbing to a small child as one of their favourite toys on the washing line and for some reason Gromit on the washing line always makes me laugh.
The vegie patch. Some serious weeding is needed, but there is so much growing in there.
Boots - thanks for all your suggestions for boots for people with wider calves.
I actually found a pair today in town from Planet Shoes.
I was very tempted by some from Boots for Broads.
If you have any other suggestions pop them in the comments and I will add them here as I know I'm not the only one with this problem.


Posie Patchwork said...

Grommit even looks happy hanging there, love it!! I have a large Grommit from my honeymoon from Hamleys in London (i was a child bride OK) & my children LOVE him too.
Thrilled Perth UpMarket was a success, the sister market here Canberra's UpMarket or Handmade Market as it's also known was insanely fantastic as always!!
Happy Easter, love Posie

VeeV said...

if i paid swear jar would be very rich,,,,

POOR gromit!!.....


Kris said...

Oh I love Grommit there. He is such an appealing character - washing line or not! Glad you got some boots! People are supposed to be diverse so I am really cheered to know that boots are made for all!

About me said...
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kidscakesandcobwebs said...

Our veggie patch looks much the same, although a touch smaller! My husband has just planted 25 pots worth of tomotoes with my little miss. It looks like I'll be spending time at tomato processing boot camp again this summer! Thanks for the link to the wellies for broads, I have the same problem!
We're off to hunt for eggs in the garden now. Hope you have a very happy Easter!
a-m x

Mette aka mettuska said...

Gromit is so cute :D

Kakka said...

Hi Kate, great post. I am loving your blog so much that I left you an award on mine. One I think you really deserve.

Corrie said...

oh grommit does look funny on the washing line! plenty of toys need a good wash here and I never know how to hang them!

ohhhh I think I might be doing the last day of S&C in melbourne but am doing all of sydney if you're coming to that one!!!! keep busy, I realised i hadn't popped by to your blog in a very long time!!!!!


toasted said...

Pixies. Yes. Very, very good. Stunningly good musicians - better than I realised in my teen obsessiveness. And isn't Kim Deal STILL such an inspiration to being exactly who you are, however quirky that may be.

Well-loved dolls on the clothes line - always gets a furtive giggle out of me too. We could only get the big Teddy up by hanging him by the neck. Kinda traumatic for my daughter.

kirsten said...

Oh, Gromit!

I've never seen W&G toys! My kids would love them.

Pixies are awesome.