Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Fence and a Washing Line

My wonderful Dad has stayed all week and worked and worked in our garden. The garden is now fully fenced and hopefully the dog and small children won't be able to get out.

He also bought us an old Hills Hoist washing line from a neighbouring farm that wasn't being used as we did not have one and installed it for us and re-wired it (thanks Barry and Jan!). Quite a bit of the fence was also recycled. Dad picked up a lot of the posts, struts and other bits and pieces from farm clearing sales or from rubbish tips.

A rose photo especially for my Mum and for Annie who inspires me with her garden and her garden photos. Lucky a previous owner labelled a lot of the roses. Not so lucky we have Evie who is already trying to pull all the labels out.

I love Pierre de Ronsards and other climbing roses. This arbour has 8 different ones climbing all over it.
The vegie patch is weeded and mulched and I am off to plant some seedlings.


Sue said...

Wow what a wonderful dad you have for doing all those jobs for you. You must feel much better knowing the fence is secure now. I love roses too but never saved the names of mine either. Have fun with your veggie garden.

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Looking good Kate! Fingers crossed the fence works xox

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Wow, busy!! Love a proper clothes line, garden is looking good. Love Posie

Amanda said...

Looks like such a great place, really makes me want to visit! What a great dad you have.

Di said...

Wow - the garden is looking good! And it looks warm (it's been freezing here all weekend!)

Corrie said...

well your dad is a keeper then! sounds very hands on! I can totally see my kids pulling out the tags too!!!!

happy gardening!