Thursday, April 12, 2007

A trip to Perth

It has only been a week since my last post and it feels like so much longer, maybe because a trip to Perth with the girls has aged me so much. I felt like I was 100 yesterday when we returned home. They had good moments, but the bad moments were awful. We lasted half an hour shopping with them and we took them to the zoo which started well, but both ended really badly with a lot of people staring at our screaming children.
Before it turned bad I did get to see some animals and get inspiration for new toys. Unfortunately I didn't get to see some Australian animals - the quokkas and numbats weren't being too coperative, but I did see some wombats, penguins, giraffes, elephants and more before it went bad. I've included the nice photos of the girls at the start of the day.

We did get to spend some time with Chris' family while the girls were really pleasant and the girls has a great time. Chris' Mum has been doing some cleaning and sorting and I got to take home some gorgeous old Carlton Ware and some other gorgeous stuff which is really pretty. I really love to have gorgeous stuff like this around will connect the girls in some way to their grandparents and great-grandparents. One of my favourite pieces I have is a small cup and saucer than my great-grandmother received in her Christmas stocking when she was about 10.

Now I think it is time to face the piles of washing and find some floor space in our house.


Amanda said...

Beautiful pics of the girls, I would love to take Jada to the zoo but Im just not game enough, after the week we have had it wont be till she is at least 18

Violet & Rose said...

My girls had a pinching fight in the post office today, with oh, about another 8 people in the post office. So I feel your pain. And I love Carlton ware. My Mum has some gorgeous pieces that they got as wedding presents and I saw some over Christmas and thought that I really should start collecting. Your pieces are so pretty.

Melissa said...

Beautiful dishware! The kids look cute in the photos...good job momma!

Have you ever thought of doing a poodle dog or flamingo? Those are my middle daughters favorite animals.

melissa said...

The girls look very sweet in the pictures. Keira (who I think is a very similar age to your twins) is 'working through' some very crazy behaviour at the moment. Thank you for being real about your parenting- I feel it too- I can't imagine if/how I would cope with two Keiras- so I admire you greatly!

Joanne said...

The carltonware is divine - how lucky you are!!! I have empathy for you with your girls but no advice whatsoever as my house is run by a nonwalking 18month year old!!!!!!!