Thursday, February 15, 2007

Flowers and New Bags

We have had a busy few days. My sister Jane and my niece have been staying and the girls do not want to sleep if they know they are here - much more fun to try to play with their cousin. Mum has been asking for a photo of all three of them together. They would not stand or sit still to have photos so this is the best we could do today.

I am not really a big fan of Valentine's Day - it is up there with Father's Day and Mother's Day as days which have been destroyed by the commercialisation of them and how they have become all about buy buy buy rather than really showing how much you care, But I love these! Totally unexpected. Thanks Chris. Chris was out umpiring basketball last night so I made him his favourite - homemade pizza, I even made the base for the first time in ages and Jane made one of her fabulous pavlovas.

Some new bags that I have finally finished. I am not sure why these took forever to make. I think the more I try to make things perfect the more things tend to look wonky and the more I have to go back and redo. But they are done and in the shop.


CĂ©line said...

Girls are so cute !!! ;)
I am agree with you about Valentine's Day. And with DH we decided since the beginning of our story not to celebrate this day... Just say "I love you" and a lovely sweety kiss lol But this 2past years, he bought me some flowers and me, I had nothing to offer him. So this year, with my daughter, we made him an heart. Just for him, Our Man lol And this was a great day !!!
Love your bags. The fabrics is great !!

Violet & Rose said...

I love the girls tops. Did you make them? And the bags are lovely. Great fabric.

Caroline said...

I love the bags, and I agree with Violet and Rose, The girls tops are yummy!

melissa said...

looks like the cousins had a nice time together- that little one is lucky to have two big girls to look out for her!
Your bags are gorgeous, as always- I adore that fabric.

scribbit said...

Their jumpers are adorable, little girls in pink are the cutest.

And that gray bag is beautiful. No discernable wonkiness there.

sue said...

Love the girls in their little dress/tops, too cute. By the way I browsed your shop and was wondering if the japanese soft toy book was still available. I would like to purchase it if it is, so could you let me know. Thanks so much.