Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sock Yarn

Nope, no photos of me from the wedding, photoshop isn't that magic, but had a great day with my friend Rose yesterday and she took this. It was a very civilized day, we had a lovely lunch sitting out in the shade at the cidery. One step closer to my New Years Resolution. I have the yarn and Amazon have sent the book.
I couldn't choose so bought some Lorna's laces and some Koigu (I have wanted to use this ever since I saw a huge basket of it 2 years ago in new Orleans, and it's as lovely as I remembered).
The girls have morphed from gilgies into hermit crabs. As soon as you put them down they are gone and you don't want to move or you'll tread on one. They seem to get into the oddest places.

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Gina said...

What a beautiful family : ) Thank you for visiting my blog!